Elections: 2015-2016 WRAP Officers!!!

Below are the descriptions that Nominees have sent in for themselves. Please read and consider them for when you make your decision. Elections will run from May 11 to 22.


Heather Noel Turner

As WRAP president I would make meetings efficient, fun, and catered. I would conduct administrative tasks effectively so no one else has to worry about them, and I would post hilarious things on social media, all of which would continue to make WRAP awesome. In addition to these skills I would bring to the position, I promise to change all the water fountains to Hawaiian punch, to make the vending machines free, and to have Ludacris preform at senior prom. Make me the face of your organization.


Wonderful Faison

The position of recruitment chair is a perfect fit for me as I have the skills, responsibility, and character for this position. I am dependable, but my biggest asset is the sincerity in which I take the position of recruitment chair. I believe in the work and the research that the WRAC department/program conducts here at MSU. As this department is the frontrunner in producing cutting edge research, it is important that all our recruits have an enriching, enlightening, and exciting time during their time at recruitment. I will make it my business to meet with the selection committee as needed and help make recruitment week run as effectively as possible

Les Hutchinson

I want to emphasize how honored I am to have been nominated for the Recruitment postiion. I feel this annual event is absolutely important to our program and discipline for the ways we seek to bring in emerging scholars doing critically significant work. I suppose my colleagues nominated me because of my enthusiasm for this event. And it is true; I take Recruitment very seriously. I was treated so well on my visit last year, and have sought to make sure the recruits this year had the same amazing visit I had. Though my recruit did choose another instituition (sadly!), he repeatedly told me that it was not due to my hostess capabilities. In fact, he mentioned that I was the best Recruitment buddy ever, and this evidence can be provided via text message if necessary. I would love the opportunity to take this position next year and will work diligently as ever to make sure our recruits have a warm, persuasively awesome experience. If you so choose to oblige me with this honor, I promise my time, attention, and sense of duty to this position.


Mirabeth Braude

Why would I make a good events chair? Well, to start, I happen to like people, for the most part. I also like going to events, most of the time. In more seriousness, I believe I make a valuable nominee because I have become immersed in the WRAC department through attending WRAP meetings, going to planned events, forming friendships outside of the required meet ups, as well as working within the FYW program and WC. All of this involvement equips me with some knowledge about what people like to do and what they just won’t show up to because I’ve used my listening ears and observant eyes to find out what’s up and what’s out. To wrap up this paragraph, I think I also make a pretty decent nomination because I’m an extrovert; I’m a social butterfly; I’m a buddy bee; I’m an event elf; I’m starting to sound ridiculous. I’ll do a good job and probably won’t piss anyone off.

Heather Noel Turner

I have spent the past three years coordinating and facilitating events for writing programs and nonprofits. As Event chair, I would transfer those coordinating experiences to help WRAP get hype. More food, more laser tag.

Laura Gonzales

My approach to coordinating our events will be largely guided by my love for two things: my WRAP fam and 1990s/early 2000s pop music. I believe that with these two things (in addition to my skills coordinating doodle polls and google calendars) we will have a really fun year. Let’s have a year full of WRAP love and happiness bailando gozando y sudando

Professional Development

Heather Noel Turner

Because one of my personal goals is to make everyday work practices transparent, to determine what being a productive student, researcher, teacher looks like across experiences and contexts, I believe that I could do very relevant work for WRAP as the Professional Development chair. I have experience coordinating workshops, compiling resources, and have a working knowledge in a few specialized areas (web development, ~*DoCuMeNt DeSiGn*~, magic and taxidermy). I am a toolbox made human.

John Gagnon

I’d welcome the opportunity to serve as the Professional Development Chair due to my longstanding interest in and work around professional development issues in a variety of academic and nonacademic contexts. Building on the fantastic work of previous WRAP Professional Development Chairs, I envision proactively engaging with graduate students to assess professional development gap areas in order to enhance developmental opportunities and experiences




Sarah Prielipp

Victor Del Hierro

Mathew John Gomes

John Gagnon

Ronisha Browdy

becca hayes

Jack Hennes



McKinley Green

Bree Gannon

Howard Fooksman


Good Luck to everyone!!!

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WRAP Meeting(s) Notes…September

Where has the time gone, WRAP collectively blinked and here we are in October 3 meetings deep and no updates to the website. Don’t call it comeback but we are finally catching up just in time to get behind.

Anyways, here are somethings to take note of from the past 3 meetings:

Speed Networking – Becoming a fall tradition for WRAP, we held our Graduate Student event with great success again. Over 20 graduate students attended this falls event and representation from 5 different cohorts was present. If you missed it this go around we will be sure to iterate our Grad/Faculty version of the event this coming Spring semester.

Look Out For

Chapters and Article Proposal Workshops: Currently Ronisha Browdy and her brilliant committee are cooking up this workshop to include a discussion and some work-shopping facilitated with the help of our faculty. Please be on the lookout for a time and date from WRAP via Twitter, Facebook, and Email.

MA Job/Grad App Group: This year WRAP is working towards better accommodating the needs of our diverse grad students. With the help of Stuart Blythe who has graciously offered to help run this group, we will be running workshops and meetings that will focus on applying to PhD programs in the fall and focus on locating industry employment in the spring. Something that has not existed this formally at this program(according to the institutional memory of this webmaster), we could not be more excited to offer support to a group of students that is often overlooked. These events will be open to anyone in the MA program not just 2nd/3rd year students. Unfortunately graduate school is not forever and it is never too early to start getting familiar with life with a Master’s degree.

Open Meeting with Department: Friday, October 10 (11-1pm); RSVP to Melissa before noon on Wednesday, October 8. The open meeting is a conversation between the department chair, members of RWGAC, and the graduate students to discuss in a public forum news and inquiries about all things WRAC. Please attend if you can.

Uncle John’s Cider Mill Trip: Originally scheduled for Oct 4th we have rescheduled it for a possible date of Oct 11th. Weather, logistics, and the common cold have caused us to push back our cider mill trip but there WILL be cider and donuts. Check Twitter and Facebook for updates. Or contact Allegra Smith here or find her contact info here.

RSA Graduate Chapter: We are currently looking into bringing an RSA chapter to WRAC/WRAP. If you are interested in being a member of that group please let Maria Novotny know.

WRAP Hangouts: Will be making a comeback so stay tuned for that! At WRAP Hangouts, graduate students get together to work. Because the academy can promote isolating practices, WRAP hangouts offers a space to work in the company of other grad students as well as a place to bounce ideas off of one another. Traversing in the delicate balance between work and social interaction, WRAP hangouts are especially productive during the so-callled “over-stressed-over-whelmed-over-booked-not-over-fast-enough-October.”

That is all for now!!!

Join us at our next WRAP meeting October 15th at 2pm!

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Chapter & Article Proposal Workshop PowerPoint and Notes

vintage-classroomDanielle, Jeff, and Malea agreed to let us publish and share the powerpoint and notes from the Chapter & Article Proposal Workshop on April 18th.

Click to download the PowerPoint file.

This post is linked on the Program Resources page, under WRAP Workshop Materials, as well.

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WRAP Meeting Notes – April 23, 2014

At this final WRAP meeting of the school year, we celebrated and conversed with many of our new WRAP officers. You can trust that the transition has begun!

Our first item on the agenda was the election. First, congrats to our 2014-’15 WRAP officers! We are certain they will lead us into new and innovative directions! Second, in the meeting I provided more specifics on the “voting irregularities.” These irregularities were a sequence of votes – all voting for the same people – that was received 5 times in a row (3 times on Monday night, 2 on Tuesday morning). This seemed to stack the election in a particular way.

Through what seemed like hours of email discussion, WRAP had decided to eliminate 3 of those votes, which actually created a margin of 3-5. So if the difference between votes in a category was greater than 5 it would’ve gone to the person with the most votes; less than 3 and we would consider different options. A couple of last minute votes came in that pushed the difference between the top and second vote-getter for Recruitment Chair into that margin. Rather than scrap the entire vote we decided to go with co-chairs. I have confirmed with Maria and Phil that co-chairs is an acceptable and appropriate outcome. And the consensus in this meeting affirmed this decision.

[We then spent a good portion of time talking about Scandal and Defiance, OH.]

We shared with the incoming WRAP officers in attendance that after the discovery of the voting irregularities it was brought to our attention that WRAP has used the WC’s Survey Monkey account for elections in the past. The next phase of election season is to put out a call for names of grad students interested in serving on department and/or college committees.

The next agenda item was the MA job group Stuart is leading in the Fall. He inquired about an MA rep for this group, of which we responded that we believe this part of the RWGAC MA Reps responsibilities. We mentioned earlier in the year that both the RWGAC MA and PhD reps should have a stronger line of communication with WRAP and RWGAC.

We next discussed the transition to new WRAP officers, agreeing that this meeting was not long enough to pass on the vast knowledge we’ve gained from this experience. We agreed to find a time to all meet together in mid-May.

Speaking of times to meet together, we decided to cancel the End of the Year Celebration because it conflicted with the advanced degree graduation ceremony as well as the PCW retreat.

Next we reviewed t-shirt mockup designs. Given three choices we narrowed it down to one. Victor has agreed to take over this project.

Our last agenda item was a brief update on the budget. As of 4/23/14 we have $428.36. The reimbursement for food at the Chapter & Article Proposal Workshop is yet to be processed. The rest of this money will be put towards t-shirts.

This is my last round up of meeting notes for WRAP. I’m out!

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Summer Support Process

sunmoneyThe following notes were taken at the RW Open Meeting with Grad Students on Friday, April 11th.

These are the considerations RWGAC uses to rank grad students for summer support, thus should be addressed in your application:

  • Time to graduation – how will this support help a student move forward?
  • Well-defined project – “This project will result in…”
  • Ability to work elsewhere: citizen status, Writing Center assistantships, etc.

Before submitting your summer support application, RWGAC suggests seeking feedback from your chair and/or committee. And if you have questions about this process, please contact Malea directly.

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